The Story of Candy Apple - Android
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   It was so weird waking up in a completely different environment hundreds of miles from where you remembered yourself to have been. Even gravity seemed different. Candy felt very disorientated. “The disorientation will pass quickly,” a young woman said.
   The sensations the Angel’s body felt were radically different than what she was used to. When the human lightly touched her arm, she gasped from the pleasure and pain of it. Is this what humans feel all the time? Candy asked herself. “Please remove your hand from my arm,” she said.
   “I'm sorry, I forgot that they told me you have a new body, and it may take some time to get used to even the simplest sensations,” the woman said as she removed her hand from Candy's arm. “I'm supposed to go and inform the captain the moment you woke up. There was a built-in delay between the shutdown of your old body and the activation of this one and that allowed us time to take your new body out of cold storage and put you here in sickbay. We weren’t sure sending you to our android doctor would be the best place for you to wake up. You are a lot more advanced than any of the androids we are used to here.”
   “Where is here?” Candy asked.
   “You are onboard the Galactic Enterprise,” the woman replied.
   “I’m I space?”
   “Yes, you are. Captain Thomas, he's retired, of course, thought it would be safest for you if they brought you up here. Our current captain, Captain Taylor, agreed, not that he would refuse Captain Thomas a small favor.”
   Candy let herself relax and soak up the slightest sensations her new body was feeling… 


Candy Apple - Non-human (android/A.I.)
Staff - Director of Entertainment

Current Listed Owner: Galactic Enterprise

Date of Creation: June 24, 2051
Model Type (at the time of creation): Cybertron Robotics Candy Personal Companion Model Alpha 1, serial number 000-000001

Candy's Story

I suppose that I should tell you a few things about myself before I tell you my story. First, the body I have now is not the body I started out with. My friend Iris here is a Candy Personal Companion Model. I was once just like her. In fact, I was the first, and the entire model series was named after me.

Android Rights

Humans bury their beloved pets, shedding many tears. But, after years of unfailing faithful service you would think we should come to a better end than just being stuffed in some dumpster with the rest of the trash. You would think that at least we would deserve a place next to the family pet, recycled or something..., anything, to show some respect for our years of devoted service.

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